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Founded in 1994

In Lebanon, hypertension is recognized as a major health problem. In response to this, a group of interested professionals established the Lebanese Hypertension League, a nonprofit nongovernmental organization.

The Lebanese Hypertension League (LHL) was founded in 1994, Decree 305/A.D. of the Lebanese Ministry of Interior both a medical professional and a non-professional organization to fight hypertension. Its membership rostrum includes medical (internists, cardiologists, family physicians, endocrinologists, researchers) and paramedical personnel (nurses, nutritionists, health care providers) as well as nonhealth related people (judges, lawyers, engineers, youth organizations and college students).

The Lebanese Hypertension League is a regular member of the World Hypertension League, and collaborates with international sister societies including: The International Society of Hypertension ISH, the European Society of Hypertension and the Pan-Arab Society of Hypertension and other related societies.