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  1. Educational activities to the public:
    • Conferences, discussions
    • TV spots, TV talk shows, conferences…
    • Publication and distribution of brochures on hypertension.
  2. Continuing medical education
    • Lectures for physicians, workshops, regional meetings…
    • Medical conferences (national and regional with the participation of international societies) – yearly.
    • Newsletter addressing physicians - quarterly
  3. Research : Basic and Clinical
    Some of the research activities already organized and conducted by the Lebanese hypertension League include:
    1. Epidemiological study on the incidence of hypertension and hypercholesterolemia in Lebanese children aged 10-14.
    2. A “Manual of Clinical Hypertension”, edited and published by two members of Lebanese Hypertension League, was distributed to physicians in Lebanon and some other Arab Countries.
    3. Developing guidelines for the detection, evaluation and Treatment of Hypertension.
    4. Clinical studies of various therapy regimens.
    5. Testing of various hypertension drugs on animal models.
    6. Prevalence and Incidence of cardiovascular diseases in Lebanon: Physicians xxxxx


10th Pan Arab Congress on Hypertension
Beirut - Lebanon
Contact Secretary/Chairman of Organization Committee:
Dr. Abdo Jurjus
e-mail: aj00@aub.edu.lb