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Dear Colleague

      We have the pleasure of announcing that the Pan Arab Society of Hypertension and the Lebanese Hypertension League are holding the 10th Pan Arab Hypertension Congress to achieve the following objects:

- Present a rich and interesting scientific program that will allow exchange of ideas, sharing results of scientific research and address common medical issues and problems in the Arab World pertaining to hypertension.

- Foster the professional relations, at various levels, between local, regional, and international experts in hypertension.

- Offer a scientific platform, addressing modern trends in the field of hypertension diagnosis.

- Discuss issues related to hypertension control, education, and prevention in the region.

- Review recent advances in the pathogenesis and management of hypertension.

- Strengthen national and regional programs for the control , prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of hypertension.

      The society and the League look forward to your valuable input and constructive suggestions and ask you to join in the effort to make this event a success.



Lebanese Hypertension League


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